Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Will you marry me?

Kyle contacted me a few weeks ago about capturing him pop the question to his girlfriend.  He told me a little bit about them, how they met and when he knew she was the one.  He told me about this elaborate day he had planned for her leading up to the proposal that blew me away.  He booked Jessica and her best friend a limo for the day that took her to get a massage, manicure and shopping spree to prepare for the big night ahead.  Kyle decided that Flippen Park would be a great place to propose and he even called to confirm there would be no weddings or events there that day.  He and I both arrived quite early only to discover it was the hot spot for all the Highland Park High Schoolers to take pictures before heading to prom that evening.  This definitely through a wrench in the plans!  There had to have been at least 100 kids, parents and siblings all crowding around the gazebo he planned on proposing in.  We waited it out, pushed back their dinner reservations and stalled the limo driver until enough people cleared out just before sunset.  I had to put on my bossypants to herd off the lingering parents but we made it happen.  I parked my car in just the right location to shoot from the drivers seat so Jessica wouldn't see me but people kept walking between us so I had to hop out at the last second and hide behind a tree so I could hand gesture the passer bys without drawing too much attention.  I couldn't hear what was being said between Jessica and Kyle but their body language alone had me tearing up behind the camera.  Jessica's parents were watching from a distance and came out to congratulate them after the big YES.  We had just enough daylight left for some portraits and a toast before the lovebirds left for dinner in the Reunion Tower.  I am so happy for them and that I was able to capture this special event in their lives.  Congratulations you two!

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  1. OMG - these are so fabulous. I love the proposal moments - so sweet!