Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nervous about pictures?

Are you nervous about getting in front of the camera?  Don't be!  Read what Rebecca had to say about her engagement shoot :)

"I was so looking forward to our engagement shoot with Dorothy from the minute we finished our phone consultation. Dorothy is very easy to talk to and spunky - it seemed we would be fast friends. Once we booked I had two months to get the whole look together. I knew it was going to be harder than I thought when I started running into trouble with the outfit. All of a sudden, I hated everything I owned! It took 3 different shopping trips to find the perfect dress and blouse. Between hair and make up appointments, spray tanning and a bad manicure; things were getting stressful. The day before our shoot I hated my nail polish, my spray tan was starting to look splotchy, I was nervous about getting my make up done professionally for the first time and I woke up with a huge zit. Worst of all, the morning of the shoot I tried on my perfect blouse and it still had the sensor tag on! I was in tears by noon. My wonderful fiancĂ© tried his hardest to cheer me up, but I was still scrambling until 30 minutes before the shoot. Of course, we were late. I felt so bad that I had to meet someone new on such an awful day. As soon as I saw Dorothy I unloaded my day and worries on her. She hugged me and said “Everything bad that’s going to happen today has already happened!” She couldn’t have been more right.

     Dorothy has a way of making you feel comfortable in your own skin and relaxed despite a camera being 3 feet away from your face for 2 hours. Even in awkward positions she can make you laugh and smile so that the result is a magically natural photograph. I was able to wear my shirt with the sensor still attached without any issue of it being seen in the pictures.

     We were extremely pleased with our pictures at the viewing the next day! We also had a fantastic time just hanging out with Dorothy and getting to know each other better. When picking a photographer I focused on skill and level of service but more importantly remembered that this person is going to be involved in the biggest events of our lives. That person can add or take away from those moments. Dorothy definitely added to ours and we cannot wait for the wedding!"