Friday, May 28, 2010

Ashleigh + Greg | Anniversary • Dallas Wedding Photographer

You may remember these two from their June Wedding last year. They ended their session with a hot air balloon ride which was what sparked the idea for the balloons. I'm so happy to see them as in love as they were a year ago, congrats on the first year of marriage!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Caroline + Eric | Married • Baton Rouge Wedding Photographer

Caroline and I met through Lauren, a previous bride of mine. She and Eric were married at Keiths Ballroom in Lafayette, Louisiana. You may remember these two from the Vintage Engagement Session back in December. LOVE that birdcage veil!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gregg Family • Baton Rouge Portrait Photographer

LOVE repeat clients! This family books a shoot every time I go to Baton Rouge, LA to shoot a wedding. Such a beautiful family and I love watching little Cecil grow from session to session :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

What TO wear

What you wear to your session is very important, you'll have to look at it in those pictures forever. Here are some tips as well as examples :)

• A pattern here and there is great but do stay away from thin, tight stripes. They tend to look like an optical illusion in pictures
• No solid white shirts, it tends to be brighter than your face and it will be the first thing you notice about the picture as opposed to your face.
• Families and couples don't have to match but feel free to come in the same color scheme.
• Bring props! Do you and your fiance love doing puzzles together, are yall huge sports fans, do you go camping together often? Lets incorporate those things that represent yall! Anything will make your session more unique.

Bring a good mix of casual clothes. Each shoot can have up to 2 outfits. We will most likely start with the more casual outfit (if you have 1 casual/one dressy) Also, feel free to bring more than 2 outfits and we can look through them together before starting the shoot to narrow down the best options together. Depending on the location(s) you chose you might have to change clothes in the car as we don't often have nearby bathroom access. If you would like to add more locations and outfits contact us for the double session price difference as we are happy to accommodate :)

For the ladies: Getting your hair and makeup professionally done is highly recommended.  Natural looking fake eyelashes are fabulous!  If you need some recommendations let me know.  

BELOW: Love, love, love!

BELOW: Not too matchy, matchy but they look coordinating and great together!
BELOW: His shirt is a faint plaid but not too busy, it also has a touches of blue and yellow which tie in with what she is wearing.
BELOW: Simple and stunning!
BELOW: If you are going to go with a theme keep it consistent. These two did a vintage session and everything was vintage: clothes, hairstyle, location
BELOW: I love how this family came in the same color scheme but still with the most attention on the little one. Mom has touches of red in her necklace and dad has a red undershirt. The little guys pattern is busy but it's ok since there is so little of it as opposed to the dad wearing it as an all plaid long sleeve sweater.
BELOW: Great coordinating colors and the kids stand out more than the parents but not too much. Very cute and this was perfect for their Christmas card

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lauren + Chad | Engaged • Dallas Wedding Photographer

Like a handful of my clients, Lauren and I went to middle school together. We lost touch after I moved away before high school but reconnected through the wonderful world of facebook. These two were nervous before their session claiming they were "not photogenic". Funny enough when I arrived to their session to find Lauren drinking white wine out of a cup and Chad drinking beer out of the paper bag to loosen up. Whatever does the trick!